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Time for Christ Jail Ministry was founded over 30 years ago by a local physician who recognized the revolving cycle of substance abuse and incarceration. He realized that creating an intentional ministry within the jailed offered a unique opportunity for intervention and healing. Today the jail ministry oversees all Protestant Chaplaincy Services within the Bexar County Detention Center (jail). 


There is a strong understanding that it adds an important component to safety, reduction of recidivism and peace within the jail system.  There is an opportunity to truly save lives when individuals have been forced to surrender, are facing very serious life changing decisions and are at a very vulnerable place in their life. 


T.I.M.E for Christ Jail Ministry is also responsible for providing Bibles, talking with inmate's families, coordinating pastors to visit inmates, supervising and vetting all volunteers, coordinating 30 plus classes, responding to 500 requests for a chaplain weekly, and even participating in death notifications. Over the past 10 years the ministry has served 340,000 inmates and as a result, there have been 8,000 baptisms, including both men and women. 

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